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  Hello, Neighbors! Posting a new blog means one thing -- it most likely is Sunday because it seems that Sunday is the best day for me to blog. I wonder why that is? Perhaps it is because I am either on my way to Mass or just returned from and either way my heart is at peace. This is the time when my mind seems clear of empty thoughts and concerns. And why not? Sunday is a day of rest. This is the day when I hop out of bed, greet the Lord, thank Him for the blessing of the new day, ask for His mercy and forgiveness for every wrong I committed the previous day, make coffee, get ready, say a prayer, check email, and head to Mass. Today and last week I went to St. Thomas More. The week before that, St. Patrick. The week before that, Christ The King. Roman Catholics may only be four percent of the population in Oklahoma, but there are enough parishes spread throughout the state that no excuse is required for missing Mass -- not even for football. After worshipping the Lord and shaking hand

It's Such A Good Feeling ...

 Hi Neighbors, I pray whichever day or time of the day you may be reading this blog, that you are experiencing a truly wonderful day. What was it Mister Roger's would sing at the end of his show?  It's such a great feeling to know you're alive. It's such a happy feeling: You're growing inside...  ( click here to listen to Mister Roger's sing the song himself). I have had a great deal to digest this past week. I won't go into it suffice to say, the challenges, setbacks, and experiences have reminded me once more how much I am inclined to rely and lean on the mercy of Christ rather than the platitudes  of a variety of well-intentioned, caring human beings. Myself included.  I suppose I PLA-TUDE a lot myself. Following a meeting I participated in on Friday evening, a fellow member of the team reached out to me on Saturday and asked if I was okay. On the one hand, I wanted to say, "No," because a part of me was not okay. However, the other half of me