Reflective Thinking
I watched the Jul 22nd episode of EWTN's, Called To Communion with Dr. David Anders Friday morning. In response to a question Dr. Anders was responding to, he made the following comment that gave me pause to really think about ...  'As a Christian, am I living my life as Jesus lived his life?' If Jesus is both God and man and by virtue of the fact that he is the Son of the Living God and therefore could not sin even if he wanted to, my question to myself is, 'How then can I live my life as Jesus lived his life?' What exactly does that mean? What does living like Jesus look like?

Coffee Break w/Carlos Michael
I decided to see how many Coffee Breaker's listened to Episode 21: Labeling of Coffee Break w/Carlos Michael which aired on Wed. Jul 22, 2021. The number was four (4). I am certain three of the four were myself, Bro. G., and Mr. Man. Who was the fourth listener? As much as I am tempted to make this about me by going off on a tirade about the work that I put into these shows versus the number of people who listen, I am reminded of something that was said to me in 2014 when I questioned why I was losing my dream job, "Carlos, who said this is about you!" In other words, everything is for a reason. Sometimes we do not understand the nature of that reason, but we must trust that all is happening according to God's plan.

Atlantis (2013-2015) BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) Starring: Mark Addy, Jack Donnelly, Robert Emms
Now that we have completed watching six seaons of GRIMM (2011-2017), we three banditos (Me, Monsieur Man and my son Matthew), have replaced that series with a two-season series titled, Atlantis. This is the story of Jason who travels from 21st Century wherever in order to find out what happened to his father only to end up on the shores of the legendary lost city of Atlantis. After running from a two-headed mini-dragon and Atlantean soldiers in the first episode, Jason befriends Pythagoras played by Robert Emms, and an overweight poor excuse for a demi-God, but quite humerous, Hercules played by Mark Addy. My first initial reaction to this series was, "Ugh! I am not certain I want to continue watching this." However, it did not take long to quickly settle in and appreciate the series, especially the humerous aspects of the show.

Just Wondering
I was just wondering -- how many times do we have to hear something before it finally sinks in and we react, hopefully positively, to the message? For instance, how many times do we need to hear the message that abortion is evil (the act and not necessarily the person or persons involved). For me, abortion is akin to the Nazi's attempt to exterminate Jews in Europe during World War II. Any type of genocide is evil as far as I am concerned. Why is abortion not considered equally evil? What about pornography? How many times do we have to be told that it is wrong to look at images (still or video) of people engaged in sexual activity for the purpose of becoming aroused sexually? Would I want someone looking at images or videos of my children and pleasuring themselves as a result? NO! Then why are others doing it? Of course, it does not help that there are willing agents on both sides who contribute to the problem for a variety of reasons. I understand the human carnal desire to look at such imagery. However, like smoking cigarettes or foolishly spending money on products like candy and sweets, while it tastes good, just how much are those things really helping the body or the soul?

I Don't Like Negativity Anything
I will never understand an individual who says they do not want to be surrounded by or listen to anything negative, when the world they live in is full of negative people, circumstances, and events. We may be able to shield ourselves from negativity temporarily, but we cannot escape it. By shutting myself off, as it were, I am thinking more about myself than my neighbors who might become better individuals if I cared enough to listen, smile, and be empathetic. I may not be able to change their situation, which really isn't my place to change anyway. However, I might help to give them a reason to smile that they might not otherwise have had if I close myself off to them because I don't want to hear anything negative.

It has been said or I heard somewhere over the course of my life journey that confession is good for the soul. I believe in that statement, just as I believe there is a living God and that He does have a Son named Jesus. Amen. Right on! If you are a Protestant Christian talk to the Lord about what is on your mind and in your heart. Confess ALL your sins to him speaking from a contrite and sorrowful heart. If you're Roman Catholic, as I am, do the same but also make a visit to the confessional. I know it isn't easy sometimes to confess our sins to a priest. Some priests are not exactly skilled at confessional etiquette. That does not make the priest a bad person. We have to remember that priests are human just like the rest of us. Sometimes, like us, they react to something they hear not for any other reason than because of love or at the very least, they care. While that does not excuse poor confessional etiquette it does make it easier to approach the confessional and priest in a spirit of filial piety, charity, and love. While I have never had a bad confessional experience, unlike my brother did, I always try to remember that the priest is performing his duty in persona Chrisi, but that he is also human, and, the reason I am in the confessional in the first place is not to guard my emotions, but to receive forgiveness and absolution of my sins. Think about it this way, how often does someone come to us about something and we respond rudely, with an angry tone, or indifference? In most cases it isn't personal and we did not mean to respond that way. The same can be true for the priest in the confessional.

Speaking of confession: which sin or sins do I find the most difficult to confess? Anything related to the flesh (i.e., sexual sins), or when I have wronged another.

Questions and Answers (GRIMM Series, 2011-2017)
1. Do I believe David Quintoli who played Det. Nicholas Burkhardt (aka The Grimm) has the look and phsique to play the role of Superman?
  • Yes. Absolutely. He does. He is a good actor too.
2. Which character did I like best in the GRIMM Series?
  • "Monroe" played by Silas Weir Mitchell. Hank (Russel Hornsby), Bud Wurstner (Danny Bruno) and Sergeant Wu (Reggie Lee) were all a very close second.
3. Which character did I like least in this series?
  • Prince Kenneth played by Nico Evers-Swindell
4. How could the story line about the seven GRIMM crusaders and the stick buried in a chest in an old church been better played out?
  • Although they referred to the stick as being a part of the staff of Moses, I would have preferred had the stick been a piece of the cross that Christ was cruficied on. That just would have made more sense to me given the obvious power associated with the stick and its connection to the crusaders.
5. Which plot or scene did I like least in the series?
  • The death of Burkhardt's mother played by Mary Elizabeth Manstrantonio. However, I do like the role she played in the final series along with her sister, Marie Kessler played by Kate Burton. I liked Aunt Marie.

Gotta go! Have a great weekend.


  1. "The Grimm" was a great series and enjoyed each episode.....can't believe how we missed it when it originally came out on television.....then again it would have been nerve racking having to wait for each new weekly show. When we were able to watch 5-6 shows per evening. "Atlantis" has turned out to be a nice short series to follow up watching Grimm, but unfortunately it only has two seasons. I pray that the day comes when abortions are illegal again.


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