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  AJPM+ I was working on scripting out Friday and Saturday's podcast/video blog this morning, when a wonderful event happened. It's all about how we look at things, right? I wanted to check the stats for Friday's June 18th podcast. When I landed on the homepage of the Anchor website, I realized that I could not log in. For some reason I could not recall the password. That meant having to request a password change  which I did. Fine. Now I am in. Guess what? My entire account was wiped clean as if it never existed. No past episodes. No account information. Nada! Zilch! Caput! That is where the wonderful  part of this event came to light. Instead of getting upset, which I could have easily done, I paused, breathed, and looked at the situation for what it was-- an opportunity to turn the corner and move in a completely new direction that may prove to bear fruit down the road in contrast to my previous work. Something that has been important to me as of late, bearing fruit , I

CMO 26: 062021 FATHER'S DAY

  Hello Journal: "Happy Father's Day" to all the dads across America and in the world. For each of them, I pray, "St. Joseph, Foster father of Jesus. Pray for the fathers across America and in the world. Amen." When I mention the name Freddie Joe Steinmark , what or who comes to mind? Until last night, I didn't know who Freddie Joe Steinmark  was. Steinmark was a student at the University of Texas Longhorns (Austin), who passed away from bone cancer on June 6, 1971 at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas (2021, Wikipedia ). His parents were Fred and Gloria Steinmark. He also had a brother named Sammy. Finn Wittrock stars in the role of Freddie Joe Steinmark  in the 2015 film titled, My All-American , release date: Nov. 13, 2015. Directed by Angelo Pizzo.  Based on Courage Beyond The Game: The Freddie Steinmark Story,  by Jim Dent. According to Steinmark's website, , Freddie was a starting safety  for


  Hi! "Forgive me Father, for I have sinned.. ." -- I have been doing a great deal of reflection lately about what it is I need to change (about myself and in my life) and how I can move forward in my relationship with Christ and what I believe I have been called to do -- to teach others about the importance of love and prayer. Since 2017, when I felt a strong calling to return to a meaningful relationship with the Lord through the Church and, of course, Mother Mary , I feel that all I have done is made a bigger mess of things. It is a good thing that the Lord and not me is in charge. After last night's meeting with my Courage  brethren in addition to reflecting on recent news I received from a brother in Christ about a young man who recently commited suicide -- something I take very seriously and understand all too well.  I had to stop and consider, "Where am I in the grand scheme of things? How am I truly living out my life? Am I really walking with Christ or just