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  Hello Friends, It is difficult not to [sometimes] feel like the branch  on the vine  that Jesus talks about in John 15:1-17, that does not bear fruit.  "I am the true vine, and my Father is the vine grower. He takes away every branch in me that does not bear fruit , and every one that does he prunes so that it bears more fruit." John 12:1-2 I felt that way [sometimes] when I considered how hard I have worked [over the years] to be a good son, to finish school, to earn a college degree right out of high school, to do well in my career, get married, be a good husband and father, be a good citizen, give back to the community, and more importantly, to love God with all my heart, mind, and soul and to love my neighbors as I love myself. Looking back [ which isn't as important as looking to today for tomorrow isn't promised to us with the understanding that I have been forgiven for that which I have asked forgiveness for ], I realize I failed in all those areas save for o

CMO23: 052321 TRUTH OR DARE?

  Hello Friends: I pray today finds you well and in a joyful spirit. It has been a week of doctor appointments, hospital visits (scheduled tests by Mr. Man's cardiologist), script writing, show production, a haircut for my son Matthew (many thanks to my son Joshus for scheduling and taking his brother to get his haircut), some Facebook Messenger conversations with my oldest son, Michael, a trip to the confessional  on Saturday and Mass  at St. Patrick Catholic Church  in Sand Springs, Oklahoma , (also on Saturday.) Coffee Break with Carlos Michael (The Podcast) I am thrilled to note that I launced my first official  podcast on Wednesday, May 19, 2021. The title of the show is Coffee Break with Carlos Michael (The Podcast).  It is available both on Spotify  and Anchor . While the target audience of the show is baby boomers  (1946-1964), all are welcome. The title of this show is, " Holy Geriatrics, Wrinkle Man! This Baby Boomer Be Old."  In this espisode, I share my though

CMO22: 051221 STOP IT!

  Not wanting to feel sorry for myself or wallow in my own misery, but, we all know self-pity and woeful wallowing accomplished nothing, except perhaps to alieniate ourselves from God and others. If that indeed is the goal one is after, you may want to reconsider that goal. How do I talk about what is bothering me without sounding like a whinning jackass? Wait! Do jackasses whine? "There you go, Chuckie baby," as my dear friend and sister in Christ, Connie "Consuelo" likes to refer to me. Before I forget, "Happy BELATED Birthday!"  to my neice, Theresa, and to those who celebrate it, "Happy   BELATED  Cinco de Mayo."  I meant to post this entry on May 5th. I am seven days late! Getting back to my original thought .... It is bothering me that I responded to anger or rude behavior with anger and lack of charity. That is not the way of Christ. What happened to love your enemy  and if he strikes you on one cheek, show him the other? Ugh! I am way

CMO21: 050421 UGH!

  The worst thing to do when we are angry is to say anything that we may ultimately regret. So, I won't say anything except to say that I am angry. Please don't ask me why because the "why" isn't important.  What is important is what am I going to do with the situation? I am going to breathe. I am going to count to one hundred. I am going to reach out and ask others to pray for me. I am going to look at what I may have done wrong. I am going to pray, and then I am going to take these steps again until I am at peace in my spirit. The worst part about being angry is when we give in to it. By doing that, we only succeed at giving the Devil his due. We cannot do much about the jerks in this world. We can only try to be understanding, pray, take a deep breath, count to one hundred, ask others to pray, check the pride  at the door and do the one thing Jesus would ask me to do ...  forgive . There, I feel better now.


  Hello Friends! I learned something wonderful this morning. I learned that I am a sinner. I learned that I am broken. I learned that I can be extremely selfish at times. I learned that in the course of my lifetime I have made many, many mistakes. On this beautiful Sunday morning, I acknowledged before God that I have hurt many of my neighbors along the way. There were times when I dishonored my parents, misled others, not intentionally, but because of my pride, arrogance, or ignorance. I asked myself, "Self, how many times in your quest to live your life or lead souls to Christ that you actually led them away from Christ?" Talk about having an itch that you cannot scratch. That is the mother of all itches. I am not ashamed to admit that thinking about that caused me to cower in my unmentionables and shudder. "How many times in my quest to lead souls to Christ did I actually led them away from Christ?" That in turn caused me to fall to my knees and acknowledge to th