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  Hello Friends, It is interesting to note that I am writing a new short-story  titled, "The Empty House". This story was going to debut  on the first episode of Coffee Break Short Break , the podcast. I am currently writing the third installment of what I hope will be the conclusion to the story. The reason I mention this is because the main character,  Miles D.C. McFarland,  who lives in Pinewood Flats, Nebraska  keeps a journal that he has been writing in since 1970. He began journaling at the suggestion of his best friend Zach Jennings. What does that have to do with this blog?  Nothing other than the fact that this blog is to me what Miles' journal is to him. It provides a platform by which I can share my thoughts. Not just as a record or legacy for my children, but with the hope that others will read these entries, walk in my shoes (empathize), and perhaps understand why I am who I am: a product of cultural, spiritual, and academia ignorance; one who made poor decis