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  Hello, Friends: One would think that if I were serious about building a following on this blog I would write at least one new blog per week. Having said that I believe it is time for me to roll up my sleeves and post at least one new blog per week. Friday sounds like the best day for posting a new blog. Why Friday? With the new lineup of Carlos Michael Communications Media podcasts in the works, Friday seems like the logical choice (see schedule below): Tuesday, Podcast #1: Title Pending Thursday, Podcast #2: Coffee Break with Carlos Michael Friday, Blog: Carlos Michael Online Saturday, Podcast #3: Short Stories, Title Pending Sunday, Podcast #4: Coffee Break Catholic We are excited about the new lineup which includes this blog. We pray that you are excited as well. We will have more details to share about the new podcasts soon. Stay tuned! ----- Franciscan Spirituality When I was preparing to make my confirmation  ( click here to learn more), each of the candidates was asked to sel


  Hello, Friends: After catching glimpses of the events that unfolded in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday, I am left asking myself, "Where is God in all of this?" To add insult to injury, I heard some discouraging news that has or is taking place in the state of California [my birth state]. Although the information received has not been confirmed, again I ask, " Where is God in all of this?" A young man who is an  atheist  sharing a hospital room with an elderly man who was a  Roman Catholic  kills the elderly man because the man was praying. Apparently, this event occurred in a California hospital. I have not confirmed that the incident actually occurred, however, I have no reason to find the source unreliable. If this event did occur, I am left asking, "Where is God in all of this?" Again, in California, an order has been given to allow some people in need of medical attention to die in lieu of others due to the lack of beds related to Covid-19. If this is

CMO8: 010421 WONDER WOMAN 1984

  Hello, Friends: Happy "first week" of the new year, 2021! I pray that you had a nice weekend. My weekend, which began on Friday was a mixture of Mass, prayer, reflection, dining out, shopping, spending time with my son (Matthew), watching football with Mr. Man (way to go Big XII), blogging, uploading a video blog (Episode #1), watching movies, and completing chores around the house. Speaking of movies I had the blessing of watching a movie together with my son Matthew and Mr. Man early Sunday afternoon. The title of the film which we watched on HBO Max  is, "Wonder Woman 1984." According to Christy Lemire , (Dec. 21, 2020), co-host of the YouTube film review show titled, "What The Flick",  wrote on the rogerebert .com  website: It’s an indictment of greed, of our entitled desire to have what we want and have it now. The story takes place at the height of Reagan-era conspicuous consumption, hence the title, but the point “WW84” is making about the destruc


  Hello, Friends, " Happy New Year! " Okay, so I am off by one day. " Happy New Year " just the same! I pray that you rang in the New Year with a prayer and the same hope and trust that should have been present with us during the previous year. That hope comes from having a personal and trusting relationship with the Good Shepherd, Our Lord, Jesus Christ. If you have trouble believing that someone like YOU can be and is loved by Jesus, think again. For the record, I used to believe that about myself as well. The truth of the matter is that this Jesus, the second person of the Holy Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) loves us so much that he would not only leave the 99 to look for the 1 (which is you and me), He loves us so much that he willingly sacrificed Himself on the cross that we might live eternally with him, the Father and the Holy Spirit in the life that is yet to come. What happened to me that caused me to look at myself differently than I did previously


  This is a re-post from a previous blog site. Hello, Friends! For almost two years now, those of you who are long-time listeners of  Coffee Break With Carlos Michael,  (2020, Carlos Michael Communications Media), undoubtedly are familiar with our core message. What is that core message? Our love for one another stems from God's love for us. Simply put,  We love because God loves us.  End of story. The second tier of our core message is the  J.O.Y. Rule! -- Jesus first. Others second. Yourself third. We cannot take credit for the J.O.Y. rule. According to the  Arborlawn  United Methodist Church website,  The J.O.Y. Rule, Pt. 1 , Aug. 10, 2020,  "The J.O.Y. Rule is meant to be a fun way to remember how to prioritize the people in your life; Jesus first, others second, and yourself third. Neighboring well to those in our closest circle requires that we first spend time with Jesus ." "Choosing Jesus first means that we are putting menial tasks aside in order to grow our